About us

Come and experience our local family friendly hospitality.


We are a 4th generation Omakau family with a great grandfather who worked as a ganger on the railway line on the section between Chatto Creek & Wedderburn.

Our family moved to Omakau from Queenstown in 1995 with our infant daughters for a country lifestyle when Colin took up the position of Sole Policeman in Omakau.

In 2006 we started a new business venture renovating an old derelict drapery shop into an Otago Rail Trail accommodation business in Omakau.

After 14 wonderful years, we sold that business and now invite you to enjoy our new accommodation venture, ‘Schist Rock Exclusive Guest House & Studios'. 

The name originates from the beautiful schist rock formations you will see all over the Central Otago landscape and used at our property.



We renovated the Guest House – 10A (our home) in spring 2020 and which opened in November 2020.

The exciting second part of our accommodation business is the construction of our new 3-standalone king ensuite studios which will be completed by our daughters’ partner, Craig Barclay of Barclay Construction.

Due to Covid delays we will now have these studios available for our guests in February 2022

We will ensure your stay with us in beautiful Central Otago will be relaxing and memorable.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Mandy & Colin Stevenson


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